Our Philosophy

Since MONACOR INTERNATIONAL was founded, it has been our main aim to ensure a long-term successful customer relationship. It is our intention to be considered as a fair partner by our specialised retailers. A unique product variety combined with the highest ability to deliver and attractive terms and conditions ensure maximum reliability and attractiveness for our trading partners. Your long-term success is a confirmation of our good work.

The comprehensive philosophy of our company and staff is to ensure high-quality products and high-quality customer service. The customers of MONACOR INTERNATIONAL will surely benefit from a surplus value. The product range is customised to suit different requirements of the customers and includes related own brands and licensed products, thus providing a component of success to our partners from most varying sectors.

The staff from MONACOR INTERNATIONAL work on a basis of mutual trust with you every day. This corresponds to the self-image of a Hanseatic merchant: reasonable and reliable as well as willing to serve the customer.

MONACOR INTERNATIONAL thinks and acts globally which makes us highly successful and capable of easily identifying new trends. Our company aims at long-term success.


Products for People

People buy solutions. They want to be a successful DJ, protect their homes from intruders or install a PA system on their camp- sites. With this in mind, we create our product range. Users have always appreciated our high-quality and user-friendly products.
The instruction manuals, for example, are prepared with great care. Written clearly and concisely in order for you to enjoy the technology right away.


Our Staff

MONACOR INTERNATIONAL is a success-oriented company which employs most committed staff - high qualifications, good social skills and great commitment ensure the success of staff and company. We take the responsibility for our staff seriously and have great confidence in them.
MONACOR INTERNATIONAL has a fair and open approach when dealing with its staff.
MONACOR INTERNATIONAL requires, encourages and appreciates the performance and commitment of each employee. Our employees are high performers who continuously aim to meet the requirements of our internal and external partners.